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shimmer Generate relevant content 15 times faster with LearnSlice AI-Assistant!

For lecturer & teacher

LearnSlice saves educator valuable time

  • Analyze your learners' performance per quiz and identify where they need your support.
  • Identify the learning trend per topic.
  • Create and publish your own quizzes.
  • Review, and verify quizzes made by your learners.
  • Send feedback to a quiz author to improve their knowledge and quiz quality.

Learners of the next semester can re-use already created and verified quizzes.

What your learners can do:

Game-based exam preparation for better grades.
  • Create multiple-choice, open-ended, and assessment quizzes using study material and share them automatically with peers.
  • Earn Karma points through quiz verification by educators or likes from other learners.
  • Participate in the leaderboard.
  • Play quizzes created by other learners and aligned with their study material.
  • Review, analyze, and improve own learning performance on analytics dashboard.

All quizzes published by learners or educators are automatically available to all other users within a university or a school.

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