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An online learning platform that empowers your students to learn by creating and solving quizzes related to their study program while tracking performance.


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Features for security

Fully GDPR compliant

We protect personal data of each user and organization according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Secured by SSL connection

Data transfer between your client and a database instance is encrypted by SSL/TLS connections, adding an extra layer of protection.

Hosted and made in Germany

Our complete server and data infrastructure is located in Germany and is also looked after and maintained there.

Optimized features for learners

We looked for the essential functions that students need to learn effectively. We use an optimal for modern learning mixture of performance, gamification, and competition.

  • Create quizzes based on study content and share them with group mates.
  • Get Karma points if a quiz is verified by a lecturer or liked by other learners, and participate in the leaderboard.
  • Play quizzes created by other learners.
  • Review, analyze, and improve own learning performance.

As a lecturer, you can check and improve learning content.

  • Create, review and verify quizzes.
  • Share feedback with a quiz author to improve knowledge and content quality.
  • Check learners' performance per quiz
  • Navigate learners to suitable study material.

Features for security

Dedicated learning space

We provide a dedicated learning space for your university or school.


Qizify learning is easy to customize to fit seamlessly in your teaching concept.

Available Language

By default, Qizify learning will be available in German and English.

Students from eight European universities have tested Qizify and love it.

I like Qizify because it allows me to test my knowledge in a game-like environment - it is safe to make mistakes, and I feel motivated to study.

Pavel Raschetnov, student of RWTH Aachen

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Demo & contact

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